The CW Equation Generator#

This package, “cweqgen” (pronouced like “Kwek-Jen”), generates a range of common equations used by continuous gravitational-wave community. As well as providing the LaTeX string for the equation, it can evaluate the equations based on specified values, and create a LaTeX string based on supplied fiducial values.

The current set of equations that the package contains are given in Equations. A selection of examples of using the package are shown in Examples.


Installation from PyPI#

cweqgen is available on PyPI and can be installed using:

$ pip install cweqgen

Installation from conda#

cweqgen can be install in a conda environment using:

$ conda install -c conda-forge cweqgen

Installation from source#

cweqgen can be installed from its source git repository using the supplied Python setup script.

First, clone the repository

$ git clone
$ git clone

Using the GitHub CLI

$ gh repo clone cwinpy/cweqgen

then install the requirements and the software using:

$ cd cwinpy/
$ pip install .